NO – B – U – C – K – S


NOBeggars – Users – Car-Guards – Klepto-maniacks – Scurreling


In South-Africa begging has become a profession. People on the street made a choice to live there – it is very seldom a matter of fate.  Drug and alcohol abuse is the number one reason.  Their stealing and lying eventually leads to their families and friends rejecting them.  By handing cash, you directly support their addictions.  Giving beggar’s money makes the situation worse as it creates more beggars and more people on the streets.  The homeless bring kids into the world and the vicious cycle repeats itself.

It’s a matter of supply-and-demand and too many young children take to the street to earn money for their ‘pimps’ who pay them in glue.

Beggars and vagrants litter, defecate and urinate in the street and in the play parks. They become violent and rowdy when intoxicated and it inevitably leads to damage of property, animals and people.  

Rather donate shelter tickets or give food if you are convinced that someone is desperate, but NEVER offer money.


We have NO-BUCKS for USERS

Alcoholics or drug users want your money! They are common at traffic lights with sad faces, skimpy clothes and signs in the attempt to evoke sympathy.  The only thing important to them is waiting until they have enough money for their next fix. 

The public thinks that those people are unable to find work, but it is not the case. They are severe addicts. They have bankrupted their own families and are now living off your hard earned money.

Users bargain on your emotions and will tell you anything that they think you may want to hear. Many have been in and out of rehabilitation centers, but they find easy money on the street and it makes it possible for them to pick up where they left off.  

If we stop giving them money they cannot buy drugs and hopefully they will become integrated into society once again.

We have NO-BUCKS for users.



Where did this phenomenon come from? This is the only place in the world where a person thinks he/she has the right to claim a free public parking spot!

They have no training, weapons or even communication devices if they needed help to protect your vehicle. They have no accountability and it has been proven that crime is up to ten times higher where car-guards operate.

Why do we pay car-guards when we have insurance, tracker systems and other security devices? Is it out of pity or obligation?

It is only in South Africa that you find self appointed car-guards. It’s absurd. People are being brainwashed to think that they are paying for a service. Some people budget R300 to R500 a month for car-guards. Why?

We have NO-BUCKS for car-guards.



You REALLY pay when you buy stolen goods. You create a market if you support a thief.  Tomorrow it can happen to you that your belongings are stolen and sold to the next guy keen to catch a bargain.  Always insist on a proper receipt – name and ID number.  It is a punishable criminal offense to be in possession of stolen goods.

We have NO-BUCKS for stolen goods.



Lying to someone in the hope that they will part with their money is called ‘scurreling’.  To ‘scurrel’ means to scavenge and often lies in an attempt to gain money or handouts.

We have NO-BUCKS for people who scurrel.


Beggars, users, car-guards, thieves – all the people on the street are making life in South-Africa unsafe and very unpleasant.

Support the NO-BUCKS campaign and get your member sticker now!

Stick it onto your car and simply point to it when a beggar, user, car-guard or any-one with a ‘story’ approaches you. You don’t have to listen and you don’t have to explain anything.

Just point and say:       NO-BUCKS!!!

We are starting in Cape Town but soon we will carry the message across South Africa.


If everyone stand together and use the NO-BUCKS logo, it will get the message across that we don’t want to spend our hard earned cash anymore on people who does not contribute positively to our South African society.